IPSJ Transactions on Advanced Computing Systems


Computer systems are now found in all aspects of our lives, functioning as high performance computers, data center servers, cellular phones, handheld games, and appliances. Fundamental computer system technologies in these fields have been conceived and developed separately;, e.g, high performance and dependability in the high performance computing field, and low power and real-time in the embedded systems field. According to the evolution of device technologies and various user demands, technologies that were originally developed in specific fields are gaining importance in other fields. In embedded systems, such as cellular phones and handheld games, for instance, high performance technologies are required to achieve high quality, while embedded technologies and low power consumption are leveraged to realize a massively parallel computer. Moreover, newly emerging fundamental technologies, such as reconfigurable architectures and grid computing, are being carefully considered in various fields.

The IPSJ Transactions on Advanced Computing Systems (ACS) focuses on those advanced fundamental system technologies that can be characterized as technologies for high performance, embedded systems, low power consumption, reconfigurability, and grid systems, as well as supporting technologies such as numerical and nonnumerical algorithms, system performance evaluation, operating systems, programming languages, compilers, and architectures. We hope that this transactions contributes to hand leads the advanced computing system technologies that are in demand by industry.

The IPSJ Transactions on Advanced Computing Systems is supported by SIG High Performance Computing (HPC), SIG Computer Architecture (ARC), and SIG System Software and Operating System (OS), and with the cooperation of SIG Programming.


This transactions has two paper categories: research and survey papers. The former encompasses not only proposals of new ideas and/or technologies but also case studies of existing systems and benchmark results.

Review Policy

Papers submitted in any category are reviewed by the Editorial Board and external reviewers, and will be published if judged by the Editorial Board to be acceptable.

The review process of this transactions follows "The Review Rules of IPSJ Trans. ACS", which are based on the rules for the IPSJ Journal, but include the following additional rules to create new trends and values in this transactions.

Submission Guidelines

Publication Schedule

ACS is a quarterly transactions published.

1.Ordinary (non-joint)
Submission Due : March
Publication : September
2.Joint Edition with xSIG
Submission Due : TBD(Depends on the schedule of xSIG)
Publication : December or January
3.Ordinary (non-joint) Edition
Submission Due : October
Publication : March
4.Ordinary (non-joint) Edition
Submission Due : January
Publication : June

Please note that the submission deadline for symposium joint-edition issues are subject to change following the schedule of the symposium.

For the latest submission schedule announcements, please go here.

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