Rules of Justice

1. This rule provides the justice of review processes.
(Information in Editorial Board)
2. Information in Editorial Board is here defined as all information discussed in the Editorial Board meeting and mailing list. Information in Editorial Board are the manuscripts, authors, reviewers, the status of review processes, the result of reviews, and comments in the review processes.
(Identification Information)
3. Identification Information is here defined as the information about the reviewer identification and the information about a member identification who comments on manuscripts.
(Review Transparency)
4. Review transparency is here defined as the concealment of the Information in Editorial Board against an outsider of the Editorial Board members.
(Duty of Confidentiality)
5. In order to achieve the Review Transparency, the Editorial Board members must not publicize the Information in Editorial Board to outsides except for the rule 6. The members must obey this rule after the retirement.
(Reviewer Information)
6. An Editorial Board member may publicize the Information in Editorial Board to a reviewer except for the Identification Information. The information must be only for the review paper.
7. Justification is only made using the information described in the manuscript and published information. Information obtained by other means are not reflected in the justification except for information about duplicate submission.
(Interest Paper)
8. An Editorial Board member should not obtain information about a review process in which the member has an interest. Though the member obtains some information, the member should not act anything with the information.
9. If an Editorial Board member violates rules 5, 7, and 8, the member will be dismissed by the Editorial Board resolution.

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