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IPSJ Trans. ACS (No. 85) : Submission Page (1)

If you wish to communicate with us in JAPANESE,
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Please follow these instructions to submit your paper to IPSJ Trans. ACS. Please note that your registration is complete ONLY AFTER the page showing COMPLETED has been displayed.
  1. Click the link "Go to Registration Page" at the bottom of this page to open the registration page.
  2. Enter your paper title, name of author(s) and contact information. Then click "Submit".
  3. A verification page will be displayed to allow you to confirm your entries. Click "OK" if the information is correct.
  4. A page with the word COMPLETED will be displayed. Click the link "Go to the Page for Your Paper". Click on "Upload Manuscript" on this new page to start the upload operation.
  5. Upload your manuscript file (PDF format only) according to the the instructions on the following pages.

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